Be a part of the research by solving the following mysteries, puzzlers and loose ends:



RE: WJ McGee

In the summer of 1905, WJ McGee traveled to the Tinajas Altas, a cluster of desert waterholes on El Camino del Diablo in southern Arizona.  McGee was an early president of the National Geographic Society and pursued wide scientific interests from geology to anthropology.  His notes from the expedition, kept in a Field Book, have not surfaced.  Where are they?


RE: Brown/Stanton

Brown/Stanton expedition 1889 – 1890.  What efforts did Frank Brown's family make to recover his body?  Did Brown's widow hire Harry McDonald to search for his remains at the mouth of Bright Angel Creek?



RE: Mollie

A dozen summits in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona are named Mollies (or Mollys) Nipple.  The first reference appears during the Powell survey in 1872.  Who was Mollie?


RE: Flash Floods

Flash floods can flow fast or slow.  What's the top speed of a flash flood?


RE: NEMO Inscriptions

NEMO inscriptions found in Davis Gulch are said to have been carved by Everett Ruess before he disappeared.  A resident of Escalante, Utah, has seen others in the Escalante River drainage.  Where are they?


RE: Blanket

A Navajo blanket covered John D. Lee's coffin at his funeral in 1877.  An Indian blanket covered the coffin of Joseph Smith.  Was this an early Mormon custom?  What became of Lee's Navajo blanket?


RE: Ceremony

Parts an enemy's body or clothing are used during a Navajo Enemyway ceremony.  What items are being used by Navajo soldiers returning from Iraq?


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